Thursday, August 12, 2010

Our Wierd World

Today I was sitting and watching "The matrix" and I began to wonder: How do we know that this world is real? Is it not possible, or indeed probable that our world is a simulated reality? Like, really. It's possible that we're all scrunched up in pods, being held captive for whatever reason by aliens or machines, or even other humans! Our whole world is potentially some computer program, designed to prevent us from doing anything about our captivity. It's possible that the computer you're sitting at, the chair you're sitting on, the keyboard I typed this post with, are just lines and lines of code written just to keep us inert and motionless in our pods. So think about it: is your house, your computer, your job/school, even real? Or is it just a big simulation? Think of it any way you want.

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